Denovi Ltd


With a background in product design, we believe that design is the very inception point that an idea begins to take form.

Whether it is the finest detail, or a product on the grandest scale, we exercise design to make it the best it can be. This may take the form of deep exploration into the end user and their journey, or shaping a product family to enhance a business strategy.

If you have a need for putting heads together, get in touch.



At Heart we are Hackers, making things is what gets us up in the morning.

We have a burning curiosity to build, test, refine and break things in every engineering focus. With experience in electronics, software, embedded systems, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and physics we embrace every new project as an opportunity to broaden our knowledge.

If you have something you want to build, just an idea or well-refined concept, get in touch.



Products are what we do, so it was inevitable that we wouldn’t be able to resist the startup lure.

We are currently building a team to bring a new product to market. If you are interested in the way individuals interact with the digital environment [think everything from Photoshop, CAD and Illustrator, through to AR and VR] then get in touch.

We are developing some great technology with some really unique experiences! read more . . .